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     Coming to Macedonia can be a pleasure for any traveler. There is so much to see and do here that one will be spoilt for choices. There are more than 100 tourist spots all over the country, which includes best beaches, churches and cathedrals. Just like any other part of Europe, Macedonia can be bets travelled in a car. Check some tips given below to know the ways to hire the best car rental in Macedonia.

     - There are both local and international car rentals in Macedonia, and hence, there will not be many difficulties in finding a service here. However, if you are low on your travel budget, you need to do your bit of research. Take a look at travel sites to find the best choices. You can compare the services and the rates.

     - The roads in Macedonia are not particularly developed, and it is advisable that you hire a local driver here. The fatality rate in accidents is here, and it is mandatory that you use the headlights in the winter months. Also, the routes become dangerous in winter with snow and fog around.

     - If you are looking for rental discounts and savings, you need to book car rentals in Macedonia in advance. The discounts can rise to 30% on the actual costs, which is impressive because travelling in the country can be expensive.

     - Car rental insurance is a must in Macedonia. No matter where you travel and whether you have a driver with you or not, you must insist on taking car rental insurance. There are many companies that don't discuss insurance, but make it on your checklist to get the same. There are many things about Macedonia that make it popular country in Europe, and with a dependable car rental service, you can check many unexplored parts of the country.